Today, May 23, 2024, under the chairmanship of Deputy Mayor of Bishkek Victoria Mozgacheva, a meeting of the Coordination Commission at the Bishkek City Hall for managing the healthcare system and the city multi-sectoral Coordination Committee on Socially Significant and Particularly Dangerous Infectious Diseases was held at the Emergency Medicine Center.

Questions about the epidemiological situation regarding the incidence of vaccine-preventable infections and ongoing immunoprophylaxis measures based on the results of 4 months of 2024 in the city of Bishkek, as well as about the epidemiological situation in the capital, control measures and ongoing preventive measures were considered and discussed.

Following the meeting, the heads of structural divisions were given instructions to strengthen awareness-raising work on the prevention of infectious diseases, including measles, rubella, and anthrax.

The Bishkek City Veterinary Department was instructed to strengthen control over the implementation of anti-epizootic and preventive measures among farm animals.