A meeting of the Commission on Children's Affairs was held in the Oktyabrsky Akimiat.

Representatives of the education department, the department of social development of the Oktyabrsky district, Family Medicine Center No. 6, SOS “Children’s Village”, the employment center, inspectors from the Inspectorate for Minors’ Affairs, as well as psychologists from the children’s assistance center and the “Chance” Call Center took part.

The agenda included materials on repatriated minor children from Kyrgyzstan who returned from Russia and were placed in the Center for Children’s Rehabilitation and Family Support.

As a result of the meeting, four children were registered by specialists from the Family and Children Support Department, and individual child protection plans were approved for them.

It was also decided to deregister six families who were in difficult life situations, thanks to the comprehensive social support provided.

Chairman of the Commission on Children's Affairs Chynara Zhanykeeva emphasized the inadequacy of joint measures to actively identify families with children in a socially dangerous situation, as well as actions to prevent crimes against children.

Dear residents of the Oktyabrsky district! If you have witnessed family violence against children or found a family with children in a difficult life situation, please contact the social protection authorities by phone: 0312 51 03 75, the Children's Help Center: 0312 54 29 34, 0312 44 25 10 or by phone hotline: 111, 112, 115.