The capital hosted the annual championship and championship of the city of Bishkek in orienteering running at a classical distance.

The championship took place on the territory of the Orto-Sai hills in the area of the pistachio grove.

The competition was attended by athletes aged 10 years and older with a rank of 2 youth and above.

There were also distances for fans of this sport and beginners.

Participants had to run a cross-country distance of up to 3.5 km (in youth groups) and find about 13 checkpoints. In adult groups, the distance reached 5.5 km.

As a result, the winners in their age and sports categories were:
- among girls under 12 years old:
Asel Akzholova – 1st place;
Farida Tazhibaeva – 2nd place;
Zhumaida Torobaeva – 3rd place.

- among boys under 12 years of age:
Ali Estebesov – 1st place;
Timofey Moskin – 2nd place;
Umar Attokurov – 3rd place.

- among girls under 14 years old:
Aizhan Makhkamova – 1st place;
Aziza Dokturbekova – 2nd place;
Aybiyke Salieva – 3rd place.

- among boys under 14 years of age:
Nurbolot Yrysbekov – 1st place;
Nurbek Mamadaminov – 2nd place;
Bekkeldi Isakov – 3rd place.

- among girls under 16 years old:
Albina Dzhekshenbekova – 1st place;
Akinay Iskitova – 2nd place;
Aknar Aidarbekova – 3rd place.

- among boys under 16 years of age:
Timurlan Renatov – 1st place;
Azamat Khairulaev – 2nd place;
Alexander Smirnov – 3rd place.

- among boys under 18 years of age:
Bayastan Omurzakov – 1st place;
Aiman Yryspekov – 2nd place;
Ermek Shadmanov – 3rd place.

- among women over 19 years of age:
Samara Kenzhekulova – 1st place;
Svetlana Paliy – 2nd place.

- among men over 19 years of age:
Kolbay Orozbekov – 1st place;
Baizhigit Shermatov – 2nd place;
Ilich Meimanbekov – 3rd place.

- among newcomers:
Hanna Murdinova and Maryam Kamchibekova – 1st place;
Asiya Zhumabekova and Saida Tynchtykbekova – 2nd place;
Tunuk Akimalieva – 3rd place.

The event was organized by the Department of Physical Culture and Sports, Tourism and Youth Work of the Bishkek City Hall together with the Orienteering Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Every year, the Bishkek City Orienteering Championship helps identify the strongest and most promising athletes, improve the sports skills of orienteers, and raise a healthy and athletic generation.