Every day, specialists of the Sverdlovsk Akimat, together with employees of the district tax service, the district Department of Internal Affairs, inspectors of the municipal inspectorate, the Center for State sanitary and Epidemiological supervision of the Bishkek City Hall and the MTU, conduct raids to eliminate spontaneous trade in large markets and central streets of the district.

So, the raids take place:

- "Ak Emir" (Moskovskaya, Shopokova, Bokonbayeva, Usenbayeva str.);

- "Alamedin" (Kurmanjan Datka str., Zhibek Zholu Ave.);

- "Chinar" (ul. Salieva, Auezova, MKR "Alamedin-1");

- "Ular" (ave. Chui, mkr. Vostok-5, near the Izumrud store);

- TSUM (Chui Ave., Abdrakhmanova str., Shopokova).

During the raid measures, 27 points of spontaneous trade were liquidated, 89 advertising objects and 2 saturators (a device for carbonating water) were dismantled.

In addition, 50 protocols on the offense under articles 179 and 434 of the Code of the Kyrgyz Republic on Offenses have been drawn up. The total amount is 150 thousand soms.