Head of Lenin district of Bishkek Dzhyrgalbek Shakiev met with residents of Novopavlovka village within the framework of administrative-territorial reform.

The meeting was attended by heads of subordinate and territorial subdivisions.

The head of the district met with residents of Ak-Ordo 2 and Ak-Ordo 3 residential areas in school No. 82 of Ala-Too residential area.

Afterwards, Akim Jyrgalbek Shakiev held a meeting with residents of "Ata-Jurt", "Altyn-Ordo", "Field of Miracles", "Tynchtyk" and Novopavlovka at plot No. 213 in "Yntymak" residential area, who told about their concerns.

During the meeting, residents raised issues of land amnesty, transportation, social, as well as connection to sewerage and gasification of settlements.

Akim of the district listened to the questions of the residents and noted that weekly from 14:00 to 16:00 hours for the residents of Novopavlovka will be held personal reception in the Municipal Territorial Administration "Novopavlovka", located at 285 Frunze Street.

In addition, the head of the district met with residents of the village "Dacha-Suu" and dacha "Dostuk".