Bishkek Mayor Aibek Dzhunushaliev signed a resolution to approve the boundaries of the park named after Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, an area of 107.0 hectares in the boundaries approved by the Bishkek City State Administration Resolution "On assigning the territories of the park "50 years of the USSR" for use to the city association of parks and recreation areas for ongoing maintenance and improvement" № 225 of June 25, 1992.

Thus, 43 hectares of land previously allocated for construction should be returned to the park.

The Department for Municipal Property Management, the Department for Land Use Control and the Oktyabrskaya Administration were instructed to:

- To take measures to return the land plots of the park within the boundaries approved by the above mentioned resolution of the Bishkek City State Administration;

- to dismantle real estate objects illegally erected on the territory of the park;

- to restore the damage caused to the park at the expense of the guilty parties;

- to send materials to the prosecutor's office in accordance with the established procedure for legal assessment and bringing to responsibility the persons who made decisions on allocation of land plots within the park boundaries.

ME "Bishkekglavarhitektura" is also tasked to prepare the relevant documents of the park for its intended use and to produce a passport of the object of historical and cultural heritage.

Oktyabrskiy administration and communal services will work on the improvement of the territory for the organization of recreation areas.

It should be noted that after the completion of the procedures for returning the land plots to the municipal ownership of Bishkek City, the territory of the park is provided to the Department of Municipal Property Management of Bishkek Mayor's Office for perpetual (without specifying the term) use for the maintenance and improvement of the park.