Bishkek Mayor's Office Aibek Dzhunushaliev signed an order instructing the Municipal Inspectorate of the Mayor's Office, heads of administrative districts of the city and the Department of State Architectural and Construction Control of the State Construction Committee to strengthen the work to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Rules of Improvement of Bishkek.

In pursuance of the mentioned order, Bishkek Mayor's Office officially notifies customers and contractors of construction projects in the city that from April 12, 2024 the relevant city services will tighten control over compliance with the requirements for cleanliness and ecology in the field of construction. In particular, in accordance with paragraph 8.20 of the Rules of improvement, construction companies (contractors) are obliged within 10 calendar days to equip construction sites with points of cleaning (washing) wheels of vehicles.

In case of revealing the facts of violations of the Rules, including pollution of the street or roadway from construction sites, it is instructed to take measures to suspend construction works at the sites until the violations are eliminated.

Municipal enterprises of Bishkek Mayor's Office "Tazalyk" and "Bishkekzelenstroy" were instructed to organize, if necessary, to equip construction sites with points of cleaning (washing) wheels of vehicles at the expense of customers (contractors) of construction sites.