In the concert hall of the city house of culture "Dialogue", on April 13, 2024, at 10:00 a.m. starts the competition among students of children's art schools of the capital "Young Talents - 2024".

The competition will be held among soloists of classical instruments in the nominations:

- classical guitar;

- wind instruments;

- percussion instruments;

- accordion, accordion.

The purpose of the creative competition is to identify new talented performers among young people, to promote the improvement of performing skills in the genre of classical instruments, to promote the culture of performance, as well as to assist in the formation of aesthetic taste in the selection of repertoire.

It should be noted that the winners in each nomination of the competition will be awarded diplomas of I, II, III degrees and monetary rewards.

For any additional questions, please contact: (0312) 51- 01- 49.