Bishkek City Hall invites citizens to contribute to the landscaping and beautification of the capital and take part in planting seedlings.

Employees of the municipal enterprise "Bishkekzelenstroy" will prepare areas for planting trees and provide citizens with some recommendations on the choice of planting material.

Spring is the most suitable time for planting trees and shrubs in regions with warm and temperate climate.

It should be noted that spring planting has a number of advantages:

- there is enough time before winter for trees and shrubs to take root and get used to the ground;

- the soil is well warmed up;

- there is no danger of the seedlings freezing;

- there is enough moisture in the soil.

Agronomists of the enterprise together with specialists of the Research Institute "Botanical Garden" named after E. Gareev, the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic recommend using such green plantings as Elm, Gleditschia, Oak, Maple, Lime, Poplar as the main tree species for landscaping of Bishkek city.

Recall that citizens can buy seedlings themselves, as well as in the nursery of the municipal enterprise "Bishkekzelenstroy" at the address: Professor Zima Street 82.

You can specify the place of planting your seedlings by phone numbers: 0312 37-53-30, 0701 321 014.