Employees of the municipal enterprise "Bishkekasfaltservis" continue to update road markings in the capital.

Thus, the work began on Ch. Aitmatov Avenue from the residence to Zhibek-Zholu Avenue.

To date, as part of the second phase of the project "Safe City" updated solid and dotted lines at the following intersections:

- Fuchika - Zhibek-Zholu;

- Alykulova - Deng Xiaoping;

- Deng Xiaopina - Kustanayskaya.

In addition, for the safety of pedestrians, the company's specialists renewed crosswalks at the intersection of Gagarin and Asanaliev streets.

Application of road markings at the following intersections has been completed:

- Orozbekova - Frunze;

- Razzakova - Abdymomunova;

- Orozbekova - Abdymomunova;

- Chui - T. Aitmanova;

- Chui - Orozbekova;

- Erkindik - Chui;

- Aini - Shota Rustaveli;

- Logvinenko - Chui.

They also renewed all road markings on the territory of Ala-Too Square and the old square.