In Bishkek, employees of the municipal enterprise "Bishkekasfaltservis" eliminate road defects on Zhibek-Zholu Avenue from Osmonkula Street from the southern side of the roadway from west to east to Lermontov Street.

It should be noted that Osmonkula Street from Chui Avenue to Zhibek-Zholu Street is planned to be included in the title list for capital repair of roads for 2024.

In addition, specialists are closing defects opposite the shopping center "Bishkek Park", at the intersection of Kulatova - J. Pudovkin, L. Tolstoy - Logvinenko streets, opposite Ch. Valikhanov, 1a/1, Akhunbaeva-Toktonalieva, Orozbekova - BChK, Baitik Baatyr - A.Tokombaeva.

At the intersection of Toktogul Street and Manas Avenue, the enterprise's crew raised the (storm water intake grate) to the road level and closed it with asphalt-concrete mixture.

Also at the intersection of Suerkulova and Yunusaliev streets near Orto-Sai market it is planned to make the card repair of the road with reinforced concrete base.

Dear citizens and guests of the capital! For additional questions regarding the activities of the municipal enterprise "Bishkekasfaltservis" please contact the number: 0755 419 841 (Whatsapp).