Bishkek Mayor Aibek Dzhunushaliev inspected the preparations for the installation of an asphalt concrete plant on the territory of a quarry near CJSC Kum-Shagyl, located in the 12th microdistrict.

It should be noted that this plant also produces crushed stone-mastic asphalt concrete. This new technology will significantly improve the performance of the asphalt pavement.

As you know, major road reconstruction and construction projects are planned in the capital.

As part of the administrative and territorial reform, the municipality needs to cover the roads of the annexed territories.

In this regard, the appearance of a new ACP will significantly improve the speed and quality of asphalt mix production.

Also, one structure (ACP) is being transferred from the municipal enterprise "Bishkekasfaltservice" to the territory near CJSC "Kum-Shagyl". Thus, two asphalt concrete plants will operate there.

The productivity of the new ACP is 180-220 tons per hour, the old one is 80-120 tons per hour.

All work in this direction is under the control of the head of the capital.