A coordination meeting on transportation issues was held in the capital with the participation of Bishkek Mayor Aibek Dzhunushaliev.

At the meeting the questions of improving the quality of work of public transportation and road-transport infrastructure were considered.

Members of the coordination council are academics, professors, doctors of science of KSTU named after Razzakov. In addition, students of the above-mentioned university took part in the meeting.

The members of the coordination council visited the bus fleet of the municipal enterprise "Bishkek passenger autotransport enterprise" and got acquainted with the procedure for organizing the work of public transport.

Then, they observed the work of the Situation Center, located on the basis of the ME "Bishkekavtobeketi".

The capabilities of the automated traffic control system and transport video detectors, as well as functional and technical base of the center were demonstrated.

The work of the automated traffic management system installed at the intersections of the city streets was displayed in the online mode.

Currently, based on the pilot project, 21 intersections are equipped with smart traffic lights, the mode of operation of which changes depending on the car flow. These are controlling traffic jams on the roads.

If the project is fully implemented, smart traffic lights will be installed at over 150 of the capital's most problematic intersections.

Mayor Aibek Dzhunushaliev noted that comprehensive work is being done to reduce traffic jams.

Also proposals, reports of members of the coordination council on solving the problem of traffic jams in the city were heard. The studies of students of universities, receiving education in this field were presented.

It is worth noting that the Coordinating Council on Transport was established under the chairsmanship of Bishkek Mayor Aibek Dzhunushaliev. Members of the coordination council study the problems of the city's transportation system and make recommendations based on scientific data, after which decisions are made.  

The Mayor emphasizes the necessity of such an approach to solving the problem.