Employees of the municipal enterprise "Bishkek Zelenkhoz" begin complex fertilizing of trees.

However, they also need good care, protection from diseases and proper treatment in certain seasons.

Employees of the ME "Bishkekzelenkhoz" have started foliar fertilizing of green spaces by spraying nutrients containing fertilizers. It improves immunity and gives the greenery a rich and bright shade.

The best time for such care procedures is spring.

Last night we carried out fertilizing of coniferous trees on the streets: Pushkin, Kurmanzhan-Datka, April 7 (Sh.Baatyr), Ibraimov, Usenbayev, Gogol, Suyumbayev, Salieva, Ch.Valikhanov, Shkolnaya, Lermontov, Erkindik Boulevard, the squares "Theatrical" and "Fairy Tale", in the Karagacheva grove.

Work in this direction continues.