A meeting of the Environmental Council at the Bishkek City Hall was held in the capital under the chairmanship of the Deputy Mayor of Bishkek, Zhyrgalbek Shamyraliev.

The meeting was attended by heads of structural divisions of Bishkek City Hall, representatives of state services under the Ministry of Ecology of the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as representatives of the capital's universities and public foundations "Archa Initiative", "Move Green" and "Eco Demi", "Bishkek Smog".

The council raised issues of preserving and improving the ecological background of the capital, namely: the development of mechanisms to limit the use of coal by the population, landscaping and design of green areas, the development of public transport and road transport structures, energy efficiency and energy conservation in residential buildings, etc.

To improve the environmental situation in Bishkek, it is planned to plant more than 10 thousand seedlings of deciduous and coniferous trees annually, build "green corridors" to protect against dust, and increase the area of green zones.

Also in 2023, it is planned to build and improve squares and recreation areas on 26 hectares, develop and improve the shoreline of the Ala-Archa, Alamedin, BCHK rivers, build and reconstruct the irrigation network.

On the issues of irrigation of the city, it is planned to build and reconstruct an irrigation network with a length of 500 km, drilling new wells for irrigation of green spaces and drip irrigation.

To improve and preserve air quality, it is planned to build public baths in residential areas that run exclusively on natural gas. Organization of raid measures for the inventory of all industrial facilities located on the territory of the city of Bishkek, for the availability and compliance of eco-passports.