The Municipal Inspectorate for the control of Landscaping together with ME “Tazalyk” continue night raids to identify the facts of the release of spontaneous garbage.

In 2 days, 6 violators in the amount of 45 thousand soms were identified and fined in three districts.

The real problem for the company was the release of industrial waste into garbage cans without payment, secretly, often at night. They throw away the waste of sewing, slaughter shops, construction debris. This often leads to a breakdown of equipment and an increase in the load on movers. After all, loading of spontaneous garbage takes 3 times more time.

Dear citizens! We remind you that individuals and legal entities engaged in the construction and repair of immovable objects, prior to the start of work, must conclude contracts for the disposal of construction debris with ME "Tazalyk", carry out its removal independently in accordance with the disposal agreement or under an agreement with a specialized garbage removal company.