From March 15, one-way traffic will be organized on the segment of Isanov Street in the south direction from Toktogul to Moskovskaya.

This decision was made at a meeting of the headquarters for the development of road transport infrastructure and in order to increase capacity.

It should be noted that the survey of the intersections of Isanova-Toktogula-Moskovskaya streets conducted by the DPPS for the Bishkek city police Department showed that the flow of vehicles moving north along Isanova Street, turning from Moskovskaya Street, hinders the free movement of vehicles moving south along Isanova Street, thus creating congestion at the intersection. When organizing one-way traffic on a segment of the street, drivers of motor vehicles will be able to move north along Togolok Moldo Street.

Dear motorists! Please be careful when driving a segment of this street and follow the traffic rules.