On the eve of the New Year 2023, the leadership of the October Administration visited veterans of the Great Patriotic War and congratulated them on the upcoming New Year.

On the part of the administration's leadership, veterans were awarded funds in the amount of 10 thousand soms, festive baskets with sweets and fruits.

In addition, a tea party was organized in the Baisu cafe for the activists of the district and the chairmen of the primary veteran councils at the MTU № 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 Oktyabrsky district with a concert program.

The leaders also congratulated those present on the upcoming New Year and awarded Honorary Diplomas of the akimat to the particularly distinguished activists.

Recall that a total of 10 WWII veterans are registered in the Social Development Department of the Oktyabrsky district, including:

- Disabled WWII - 1 person;

- WWII participants - 6 people;

- Leningrad blockaders - 1 person;

- Minor prisoners of concentration camps - 2 people.