The Mayor of the capital Emilbek Abdikadyrov approved the Regulation "On key Performance indicators (KPIs) of the activities of subordinate, territorial divisions and municipal enterprises of the Bishkek City Hall".

The Bishkek City Development and Investment Attraction Agency, with the participation of experts in the field of municipal administration and representatives of civil society, has developed a system of key performance indicators (KPIs). Work on the implementation of KPI is planned from January 2023.

The system will reflect the level of achievement of the set goals of all departments of the Bishkek City Mayor's Office for a certain period of time. A set of individual indicators has been developed for each department, with the help of which their work will be evaluated. As a result, a clear picture of the activities of the municipality as a whole will be visible.

Subordinate, territorial divisions and municipal enterprises of the Bishkek City Municipality will be evaluated in 5 blocks: economic development, transport, construction and architecture, social sphere, municipal property and land use, as well as housing and communal services and the life support system of Bishkek.

The main priority of the municipality is the socio-economic development of the city as a whole. Thanks to the introduction of the KPI system, it is possible to qualitatively change the municipal service in the city of Bishkek, since the essential elements of this system will be openness, reliability and transparency of the actions of all participants in the process.