Earlier, due to heavy rain, water came out of the Manka-Zhar tract's mud protection structure, as a result, streets and houses in the Archa-Beshik residential area were flooded. The Mayor of Bishkek City Aibek Dzhunushaliyev fully examined the flood sites, during which he met with residents of the streets.

The head of the capital on the spot instructed to promptly eliminate the consequences of the sinking. He also set tasks for the design and construction of a drainage channel and an irrigation and drainage network, determine the boundaries of protected zones and take measures against violators.

To solve the problem, funds have been allocated from the local budget for the installation of a spillway structure in the Manka-Zhar tract.

During the meeting, all problematic issues were discussed with residents. The appeals mainly concerned the irrigation network and roads.

It should be noted that special equipment is currently working on site, cleaning the streets of the residential area where the flood occurred.