As part of the announced two-month period for landscaping, sanitary cleaning and landscaping of the territory of Bishkek, mass clean-up days were held in all metropolitan areas.

In Ata-Turk Park, with the participation of the Mayor of Bishkek City Aibek Dzhunushaliev, employees of the central office and four districts put things in order.

Also, employees of subordinate and territorial divisions, organizations and institutions contributed to the cleaning of the capital in fixed areas.

In total, more than 20 thousand people and over 600 organizations took part in the clean-up.

More than 50 units of special equipment of the municipal enterprise «Tazalyk» are involved.

About 83 tons of garbage were removed before lunch. The collection work continues.

In all four districts of the city, residents of the district, employees of municipal territorial administrations, employees of all services of the district, university students, as well as organizations, enterprises and business entities took an active part in the Saturdays.

The Bishkek City Mayor's Office calls on all citizens to take an active part in cleaning up the capital.

Together we will make our beloved city cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing and more cultured!