An event dedicated to the celebration of Nooruz was held in the capital on the basis of the secondary boarding school No. 1 named after A. Kanimetov with the participation of the Mayor of Bishkek Aybek Dzhunushaliev.

Within the framework of the event, the national games "top tash", "ordo", "toguz korgool", "zholuk tashtamai", "kol kurosh", "tayak tartysh", "kurosh" were held, as well as a drawing contest.  

The students gladly took part in the national games and watched the rite of cutting the put — "tushoo kesuu".

The event was accompanied by a concert program.

The goal is to instill in the younger generation national values and traditions, the values of family and friendship.

In addition, students are encouraged by letters of thanks and valuable gifts for their active participation.